• Alan Van Pelt

    Alan Van Pelt

    Designer, Strategist, Investor, Obsessive moat-finder.

  • Andrea Small

    Andrea Small

    strategist, designer and hiker (thoughts are my own)

  • Steve Portigal

    Steve Portigal

    Author of Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries & Interviewing Users (http://portigal.com/books ), Host @DollrsToDonuts podcast, work at Portigal Consulting

  • Corey Ford

    Corey Ford

    Managing Director, Matter. Supporting media entrepreneurs building a more informed, empathetic & inclusive society. Design Thinking + Entrepreneurship + Media

  • ashur


  • Jerad Maplethorpe

    Jerad Maplethorpe

    Frontend engineer. Entrepreneur. Backpacker. Podcast enthusiast.

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