AI-based generative art tools are becoming increasingly accessible. I’m using a tool that links two neural networks: CLIP and VQ-GAN, to ingest text and generate images, and the results are amazing to say the least. The details are well-documented, so I’ll let others explain what’s going on in more depth. A tutorial on how to get started can be found here.

NBA Jam unmodified by a “style”

I rendered NBA Jam 70 different ways, keeping the subject matter the same and varying the style with every iteration. When I say “style” I mean anything that came to mind that might modify it in an interesting way.

While co-writing a sci-fi story with GPT-3, it came up with something called “Muppet Pox.” That seemed like an interesting jumping off point, so I scrapped the story, and used just “Muppet Pox” as starter text. GPT-3 generated a board game, and the description is very structured. It generated its own sections, and later on the description calls back later to the fact there are two ways to play the game. The rules get pretty confusing!

At the end it decided the whole thing was a Kickstarter,

Muppet Pox: The Game


Muppet Pox: The Game is a traditional party game that can be…

I’ve been running a few experiments with Open AI’s GPT-3 to see what it can do. We ended up writing a novel together. If this is your first time hearing about GPT-3, it’s a general purpose language model that takes in text inputs and returns natural language outputs.

A few years back, I was playing with GPT-2 trying to generate some new book titles, one of which was The Secret Diary of Terry Bradshaw.

With beta access for GPT-3, I ran a few experiments to see how capable it was, and what it can do is beyond astonishing. To produce…

Daniel Hyatt at the Alembic in 2008 — Source: Jennifer Yin

The original bar manager of The Alembic, Daniel Hyatt, passed away last week. He was an amazing bartender and helped to usher in the new wave of craft cocktails in San Francisco. I live down the street from The Alembic and went there often. All of the original bar staff were amazing, and many have gone on to run cocktail programs across the city. He hired well, he remembered his regulars, and more than anything, he knew how to invent a remarkable drink. If you want to remember him, why not make one? Here’s a compilation of all of the…

Steve Hoyt

Principal at Jetpack Consulting, a Design Strategy firm in San Francisco.

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